On Lent & Biblical Awareness.

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I’m not Catholic or even Lutheran (the Protestant church most closely related to Catholicism outside of the Church of England–but that’s a separate story), so I was never asked to participate in Lent. Giving up something for 40 days and eating fish on Fridays always seemed to be a strange way of focusing on God and becoming more spiritually awakened.

The last few years, however, I’ve always wanted to participate in my own way. Give up something important to me or working on something that would improve my relationship with God. I was never completely successful, much to my chagrin.

This year, I decided to do something different. Why not read a little bit of the Bible every day of Lent? I should be reading it on a regular basis, I know, but starting out with Lent would be a good start. It seems more of a spiritual time and to read the Bible would help me become more focused, if that even makes sense.

I decided to start on the Book of Psalms. I’ve always felt connected to the Psalms; to me, they read like poetry and seem more in tune with the writer’s (and reader’s) emotions and worship. So, I’ve been reading a couple every day and it’s made me happy to do so. My boyfriend wants to become more spiritually focused and this is my way to become more focused and to align with and support him. Not to mention it’ll make us stronger to each other and to God.

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