5 Hobbies (as Opposed to 5 Guys?)

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A word I wish I used more often. Mainly because I feel as if I don’t participate in my hobbies very often. Someone once said that the things a person is most good at isn’t often seen as a hobby because it comes too easily to be considered a hobby. Or maybe it’s something I said long ago and I’ve subscribed to it for so long that the line blurred into misconception. A Mandela effect, so to speak.

But anyway. There are a few hobbies that I like to dapple in on occasion and wish I did on a more regular basis. Maybe this will become my starting point to get back into the swing of things. So here are five of my favorite hobbies.

1. Photography.

When I was in 6th grade, we spent a week in the woods near where I grew up. We didn’t actually “camp out” per se, but the boys had a dorm room, the girls had a dorm room and we spent the night in there, got up early and spent the day roaming the woods or learning some new thing inside. On one of the days we went into a dark room and learned the process of photography the “old fashioned way.” I was enthralled and wanted to spend as much time in capturing photos as I could.

I haven’t been back to a dark room since, but I use digital photography as much as possible. (Maybe not as much, unfortunately.) But I do like taking pictures and editing them, finding the right angle and light. People always said I was a natural. Maybe I need to do more.

2. Writing.

This is hard for me, because “writing” is a broad term. Do I include poetry, fiction, memoir, nonfiction? Do I include blogging in this? But anyway, I enjoy writing. Currently, I’ve been writing letters to my love and that’s a hobby in of itself. I love sitting there pondering and thinking about how to construct the perfect image with my words so that he can see how much I love him and get a feel of home in a letter.

3. Hiking

Hiking is something that I only do in warm weather. Being out in the woods and hearing nothing but birds singing and the wind in the trees and the water rushing down the river is peaceful to me and regenerates me. Plus it’s good exercise.

4. Blogging

I decided to make this a separate hobby. Because blogging is its own thing. You have so many different mediums (media?) to work with and can consider it “blogging.” It’s its own hobby in its own right.

5. Reading.

This is a love/hate relationship. I love reading because it’s a quiet activity and helps me. Get lost from the world of socialization and I come out the other side refreshed. I can see different kinds of characters, see other worlds. Of course, I get bored with it after a while and I need breaks from it like other things, but I love coming up with challenges and seeing how many books I can read in a year and just plain reading for pleasure.

So that is my five favorite hobbies. Nothing exciting, but they’re good enough for me.

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