A Walk Along the Little Miami River.

The Blue Hole by Robert S. Duncanson, Google images.

The Blue Hole is settled in the crook of the Little Miami River in Clifton Gorge/John Brian State Park. In the 1800’s, this little spot inspired an artist by the name of Robert S. Duncanson. The painting can be viewed at the Cincinnati Art Museum.

This spot has always been a peaceful place to me. Of all the paths that I could choose to hike, I often find myself walking by this very spot so that I can stop and take it all in. After a big rush over rocks and branches, the Little Miami River decides to take a breath and take its time around the bend. The trees close in on it, rocks holding them together, as if to keep the space sacred.

It reminds me that I, too, need to step back and take a breath. I can rush through life going from one task to another, but there’ll always be something else to do, so why not take a step back and have some sacred time to myself?

On Tuesday, I decided to go hiking along the Little Miami River. I didn’t quite reach this spot, but I was able to see the river for most of my hike. The leaves and undergrowth hadn’t quite grown back yet for the spring so I felt like I could see everything.

The water was a beautiful blue-green and on two separate occasions, I had to stop and watch as a blue heron stood sentry in the middle of the river. It was peaceful. Majestic. I wish I’d brought my camera with me, but sometimes a picture will never capture the sight that you have before you.

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