Question of the Week #2

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Do you believe in ghosts or evil spirits? Would you be willing to spend the night alone in a remote house that is supposedly haunted?

I believe in the possibility of both ghosts and evil spirits. There are things in this world that cannot be explained by either science or religion, something beyond our understanding. If you’re a Christian (or any other religion), you’ll know there’s supernatural beings out there trying to waylay our paths to righteousness (or insert appropriate word of choice here.) How can you not when religious texts talk of angels and demons? Are those not supernatural beings?

As far as ghosts are concerned, I think it’s a possibility. Sure, there is a heaven and a hell, but sometimes I believe there are circumstances that don’t allow a soul to immediately face their maker. Maybe they don’t realize they’re dead and therefore can’t get to heaven. Maybe the soul was evil in life and he doesn’t want to face his judgment so he wanders the earth to torture people on earth instead. We talk about people watching us down from heaven–isn’t that in of itself a spirit watching over us?

Eh…I could be wrong about that.

As far as spending the night alone in a supposedly haunted house–I’m not sure. I think that would be terrifying, especially if I knew about it beforehand. If I had someone with me, it might be exciting, but to purposely stay there would make me freak out. The mind likes to play tricks on people and every little noise would be amped up into something that it’s not.

What about you? What do you believe?

*Question of the week can be found from the Book of Questions here.

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