Thoughts on: Jack Reacher.

I’ve been on a reading binge the last couple weeks. The BF and I decided to read a book together as a way to stay connected. He chose Night School by Lee Child. It took us two weeks to read and I found the plot to be interesting. Reacher is pulled into a secretive mission on the pretense of being put into a “night school” when instead he and two other government officials are investigating a terrorist sleeper cell in Germany. Along the way, Reacher discovers some soldiers that went AWOL that may or may not have certain connections to the terrorist group.

I’m not good at solving mysteries so I found myself along for the ride and found myself immersed. I’ve only read a couple books in the Jack Reacher series and a few years have passed between reading those and Night School, so it was a pleasure to jump into his world again. He is cool and calculating and solves puzzles on his own terms.

This particular book had a lot of army terms in it. Some of it I knew and a lot I didn’t and it was great to be able to ask BF if what they meant so I could understand the life better.

When we finished the book, I decided to read One Shot while BF read Killing Floor (a book I already read.) In One Shot a sniper shoots some civilians coming out of the DMV. They capture a former military sniper but the man says he’s innocent and claims Jack Reacher needs to come in and investigate. And once again we find ourselves down a rabbit hole of conspiracy.This one seemed a little more choppy to me because I didn’t understand why they would want to set up a network with these people. Maybe I missed that part when I was reading it.

Overall, I thought they were enjoyable books. I probably wouldn’t read them again but they’re good books to read if you’re looking for something light to take your mind off of everyday life. I give them both 3/5 stars.

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