The Benefits Of Handwritten Things.

Here’s a little confession:

I still like to write in a journal.

No, not an online journal (though I obviously enjoy doing that.)

No, I like to be able to take out an ink pen and a journal that is aesthetically pleasing to me and just sit and write down my thoughts. It’s slower and more painstaking and time consuming, but I enjoy doing it.


Because when I become anxious or upset about something, the methodical movement of my hand across the page soothes me. After I write down my thoughts, I feel better about it. Maybe the slower pace helps me to work through it.

It’s also nice because it gives you a private space away from the publicity that social media gives you. And you can also look back and see what you’ve written from a year ago and think “Why did I ever write that down? That’s kind of silly.” Though I never do that because I hate reading what I’ve written before. It makes me cringe.


And of course, I’ve been writing more letters here recently (and receiving them more.) It’s nice to be able to go back and read what the boyfriend has written to me and how much he loves me. It keeps me going when I’m feeling down and lonely in the middle of the week.

Speaking of, he’s almost at the end and can come home! I’m so excited. I can’t wait fo him to come home. It’s been a long time. I’m ready for long walks, movie nights, dinner, museums, and baseball games. And whoever knows what else. I’m excited for what he’s doing but I’m also excited for him to be home and be able to do things with me at home.

*Photo: Free Stock, Google Images

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