An Afternoon Outside.

I heard it was going to rain this weekend, so I decided to take advantage of the warm weather today and go for a walk at the Beavercreek Wetlands. There are many little pockets of this park around the town but I always going to the same one because it makes a nice, big long loop around instead of me having to go down a path and then turn around and come back the way I came just to get back to my car.

There’s nothing all that spectacular about the walk–it’s a board walk through some marshes, but in the spring time it’s pretty with the flowers beginning to emerge and the cattails growing. It’s still early spring there, so everything is flat and open. I was able to see a few frogs in the water, a couple of birds and even a beaver scurrying along by the river. It was really neat, I’d always hoped to see one, because after all, that’s why they called it “Beavercreek.”

I almost considered going to Half Price Books afterward, but it’s on the other side of town and I’d have to go through traffic, then drive all the way back home. Since I went to Barnes and Noble earlier this week, I decided to take a pass for the day and go home with the windows down.

Another cool thing on the way over for my walk was seeing one of the Air Force planes flying low over the fields. I live close to one of the bigger bases in the country and sometimes you can see them flying over for practice. This one was particularly low, enough to see the colors of the plane as it went by. Watching these planes fly has always been cool to see.

*Photo is from Google Images, free stock.

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