Climbing in John Bryan

On Saturday, I went for a short hike in the woods in Jon Bryan. There is a trail along the top ridge of the park that allows for rock climbing for those inclined. I’ve been inclined to go seek it out ever since Adam and I talked about going there to go climbing. He’d gone there on his way home a few months ago and said that it’d be doable for the two of us to do.

I parked in the right parking lot that would allow me quicker access (last time I went I was on the other side and it took me an hour to get there, much to my annoyance.) This time it only took me about 20 minutes to get to the first climbing rung and I was surprised to see how obvious it was to find it. I thought I would have to hunt for it and being on the edge would make me feel a little nervous. But I could see it quite clearly from the trail and it made me happy.

I walked a little farther and found another climbing rung. This one was quite obvious as there were actual rock climbers preparing their ropes and going down. There was even a small child with them, oh about 9 or so. If you start them young, they are strong and fearless.

I went a little further and found another one. By this time I decided I wanted to turn back around and head back. Because it was a nice day, the trail was congested with other hikers and a ton of dogs. It was hard to enjoy the scenery and hunt for the climbing rocks with so many people around. But I was so happy to know that I was on the right trail and that I wasn’t going crazy thinking I was going in the wrong direction the last time. I’m excited for the future and being able to go hiking again. I can’t wait to be able to do this with Adam.

*image from ohio state parks, Google images

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