On Shakespeare.

I’ve always been fond of Shakespeare. I don’t know why because I haven’t read that many of his works. But I enjoy an occasional jaunt through the Shakespearean landscape.

I remember liking Hamlet a lot. It’s a cliche play to like because everybody and his brother plays up on the themes and storyline of this play. But I like it. There is revenge and psychology and who knows what else. The idea that the person most wronged in the play is the one that gets the short end of the stick in the crazy bin.

The last time I went to England, I got to visit Stratford upon Avon, the place where Shakespeare was born and raised. It was a quaint little town full of Shakespearean characters of course. New Place (the house he bought after he became successful) was a nice place, two stories and thatched roof, but my most favorite place was Anne Hathaway’s house. It was a small little place but the garden was full of tall flowers that reached to the top of the roof and you could barely walk for all the flowers surrounding it. I loved it. Very English and quaint. I hope to have a little overgrown garden like that one day.

Most people would say that Shakespeare is mostly drivel and verbose, not exactly relevant to what is happening today, but I think we can still benefit from reading his plays. Of course, they were meant to be on stage but reading them is something new entirely.

One day I’ll read more of the plays. And one day I’ll see one of them played out on stage. Until then I’ll be a distant admirer.

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