Happy Memories to Make Me Smile.

  • Rock climbing with Adam. Actually climbing up halfway on a difficult climb. Learning a knot (thought I’d probably need a refresher now.)
  • Ice skating and trying to skate without using putting a lot of work into my feet and just gliding. (Thank you, my love!)
  • Playing a card game I’ve never played before. I didn’t grow up with card games, so getting the hang of it was an accomplishment.
  • Becoming my Adam’s girlfriend on New Year’s and kissing at midnight. ^_^
  • Taking a trip out to see him for Valentine’s Day. I got to see all of his stomping grounds and all the little memories we have makes me smile.
  • Getting letters in the mail from my Adam.
  • Seeing Les Miserables for the second time.
  • Talking to Adam on the weekends and hearing about his week.
  • Getting together surprise packages for him to keep him going.
  • Reading a couple Jack Reacher books with him.
  • Going for a walk with Adam in the last couple days of the old year, holding hands.
  • Holding hands in the cab.
  • Having dinner and a movie with my Adam.

I realized the last few months have made me so happy and most of them are with my Adam. He makes me smile and I’ve become a better person with him around. I love him so much and I look foreword to making more happy memories with him.

Photo Credit: Google Images, Free stock image.

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