Who Inspires You?

One Question a Day, a 5 year journal, photo of journalAs I mentioned in a previous post, I went to a garage sale a week ago and found several books as well as a 5-year journal. Each day, there is a new question that you write a sentence or two and you go through the year and then when a new year starts, you answer the questions again. It’s quite ingenious, really, because you can look at a question one year and answer it one way, then look at it again a year later and your answer will completely change. Whoever thought up that idea to put as a journal is a genius and I hope they reaped a lot of money from sales.

Yesterday’s question was this:

“Who inspires you?”

Adam inspires me every day with what he’s doing. He has to be away from everyone he loves to complete his training, get up every day and do tough things physically and mentally. I miss him every day, but I get strength from him because he is so tough and I want to be tough like him. I am a better person because of him because I’ve been doing things I didn’t think I’d be doing. It may be little things but I am doing it and it’s improving me.

My mom is also inspiring because she’s had serious illnesses since my early twenties and now she’s healthy and going strong. We had a lot of tough things happen, but we’re still here together, living our lives and doing our thing. She is a cool lady.

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