A Book of Memories.

Since March, I’ve been working on a graduation present for Adam. I’d bought a little spiraled journal with the ocean and mountains on it. In it, I’ve been including little memories of us, favorite poems and verses, books we want to read, places we want to travel to, dates we want to go on. It’s nothing much, but I think it’s a nice gift–one that’s from the heart and something the both of us can treasure forever.

I told him about the gift and he said the only thing he wanted was for me to be there for him when he graduates. I plan on being there for him–it’s such a big accomplishment that I couldn’t not be there for him. But I also wanted to give him this little gift just because I wanted to; it’s a commemoration after all, all the memories of us staying connected and looking foreword to being together again.

I hope he likes it.

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