Beyond the Box.

I’m trying to expand my reading collection.

You know…

Reading more books that I’ve never read before.

Read more books from different genres that I wouldn’t have thought to have read before.

I’ve realized in the last couple of years or so that whenever I see book prompts or asked about newer books, I can’t really answer them because I share the same titles over and over again. I want to change that

So far this year, I’ve been doing a bit better with it. I’ve read more books that I wouldn’t have read otherwise. It’s a slow process but I’m getting there.

Yesterday I finished reading The Next Person You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom and that was an interesting book to say the least. Albom is one of those authors who writes with a balance between religious and philosophical views. If you were looking for a light read, he’s probably not going to be that author. As they’re only 100/200 pages max, a person can certainly read one book in a day, but definitely something you want to think about for a good minute afterwards.

Right now I’m trying to get into The Only Street in Paris by Elaine Sciolino. She’s a travel writer/journalist who lives in Paris and in this book she writes about life on one street: the Rue does Martyrs. She describes the sellers, the residents, the rhythm of the place from morning to night. It’s an interesting perspective to be sure: to tell the life of a people with just one street.

I like to watch travel shows on occasion, especially Samantha Brown and Rick Steves, and yet rarely do I read travel memoirs. It has a different style to other memoirs: more meandering, more methodical and deliberate in its observations of the world around the writer. It forces you to pay attention to the little, everyday delights that one wouldn’t have noticed before. To the reader who is unused to it, it can be slow and painful. But I want to overcome and take this journey down the street in Paris with the author. It just needs some time.

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