The Fruits of Labor.

The garden season has come to an end at our house.

The tomatoes have been brought in, some have been eaten, many others have been frozen. The plants have been chopped down and now are awaiting to become a part of the earth once more.

It has been a ride for sure, growing several plants at once. One or two plants were what I used to do, much less a whole garden full of them, let alone from a seed. I was a little frustrated in the beginning; I didn’t think they would grow. Then slowly, they began to grow but didn’t get much larger. It wasn’t until I put them in a larger pot and then eventually into the ground did they truly begin to take root.

Plants need room to grow and having more than one in the same pot isn’t quite logical. That’s why my peas and carrots didn’t do as well as the others. But I got a few from them and that’s all that matters.

Adam said that I should reflect on my garden and see how I feel about it, the whole process. To be honest I feel quite accomplished. I didn’t think I’d grow something from a seed and have something come to fruition. It was neat to see it. I think I’d like to plan it a little better next year. Have marigolds line the garden and then putting a row of two or three different plants, that way I have more room for a variety of plants instead of a whole garden of one vegetable.

I think a bigger garden will have to do for next year, but this year we were flying by the seat of our pants. They say you only learn after you’ve tried something else first. Well, now I know I need the garden bigger and have my plants better arranged. I’m not good at this garden stuff, but I know it tastes different than store bought. We made pizza sauce from some of the tomatoes and it certainly tasted sweeter. Even the tomato soup we made seemed thicker and more delicious. A lot more work to be sure, but worth it.

One thought on “The Fruits of Labor.

  1. It helps to reflect on what went well and what didn’t, so you are better prepared for the next growing season. I am just so grateful that you cared for the plants/garden and enjoyed eating from it. We could have planted more for the fall, but be ready for early spring!

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