The Great American Read: Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

I’m a day late and a dollar short with certain things and The Great American Read is no different. I heard about this project that PBS was doing at the beginning of 2018 but then news of it kinda fell off a cliff again until October where they were showing episodes like no other until the finale. Of course I caught the last couple of weeks and was disappointed that I hadn’t joined the group earlier. It would’ve been nice to read a list of books with a (much) larger group.

No matter, I’m starting it now.

I mentioned Jurassic Park in a previous post. I’ve read it before and found it disappointing after being enthralled with the movie since childhood. I thought after a few years of reflection, my feelings for it would change, but it hasn’t, even after completing it a second time. I like the ideas it presents, but it seems to be merely that: theories and ideas. The characters are there to tell you their thoughts on the ideas and nothing more. I wish the characters would have more depth; Hammond is greedy to the point of disregarding everyone including his grandkids’ safety, Grant and Ellie are into observing the animals, and the others represent stereotypical people in the scheme of greed and knowledge.

Even the kids are uninteresting. Timmy is a nerd in every sense of the word and only there to give names to dinosaurs and figure out the computer system; Lexie does basically nothing.

I could get into it more if the characters were actually people you could emphasize with but it’s just not there. If you’re there merely for the science and tech side of things, then you’ve come to the right spot. Otherwise, you’re going to be left disappointed by what it lacks. Very plot and idea driven. I would still rate the book around 3 stars, just for kicks.

I was also planning on reading the sequel The Lost World, but I might some other time. I haven’t decided yet on the next book on my list. We shall see which one catches my eye.

2 thoughts on “The Great American Read: Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton”

  1. Hey,
    Does reading the book detract from wanting to watch the movie for the hundredth time? If not, I’m glad you got through it.

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