My Favorite Books #1: Me Before You by JoJo Moyes

Me Before You
Author: JoJo Moyes
Published: 2013, Penguin Books

Brief Summary: After losing her job at the bakery, Lou Clark is hired to be a companion to the once master of the universe Will Traynor, now a quadriplegic. Over the next 6 months, the two of them fall in love as they discover how life is worth living.

  • It’s a typical love story where poor girl falls in love with rich, crippled man.
  • A bit like Beauty and the Beast, except there’s no changing his condition.
  • Except his attitude.
  • She never gets out the house, man has been everywhere but now can’t.
  • In order to get him out of his depression, girl takes him different places, trying to show him he can still get out.
  • He’s appalled that she never goes anywhere, uses her efforts as an excuse to get her to try new things.
  • They fall in love.
  • They transform into new beings.
  • Or so she things.
  • He’s still determined to follow through.
  • It’s sad. And happy. And anger inducing.
  • Yet good.
  • So, so good.
  • I’ve read it multiple times.
  • It invokes thoughts on controversial topics.
  • Yet (to me), it does so delicately.
  • And let’s you decide.

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