Why I Like the Jack Reacher Series.

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I didn’t grow up reading mysteries. They were never something I thought about incorporating into my reading menagerie. Every now and then I’d read one but nothing with obsession.

I’ve been reading more of them lately. My fiancé loves reading courtroom thrillers and mysteries so when we started reading the Jack Reacher series together, I became enthralled with the character.

Jack Reacher is an army military police officer and depending on the book you’re reading, he’s either recently gotten out of the military or he’s still enlisted. He likes to travel and not set roots down in any particular order, preferring a life that doesn’t keep his life regulated. Wherever he goes, though, he finds himself caught up a mystery that he needs to solve before he moves onto the next town. In essence, he is a rugged, strong, American version of James Bond.

I like Reacher because he does things his way. Even the people he works with has a hard time following his logic, and yet he gets the job done when necessary. I like him because he’s a rogue and is willing to help people out when they need help.

I haven’t seen any of the movies with Tom Cruise in it. I’m not sure if I would enjoy watching them, mainly because Tom Cruise doesn’t seem like the perfect fit for the role he’s playing in. I might watch them one day, just to say I did, but I’m not looking into watching them any time soon.

The current Jack Reacher book is one by the name of Blue Moon. There are too gangster groups in this particular town and an older couple with good intentions falls into their villainous hands. Reacher finds himself locked in a crossfire as he fights to save the couple he befriends. So far I’m enjoying it. The story is paced well and I’m engaged in seeing the characters have a happy ending or not.

So far there are 24 books in the series altogether. I haven’t read them all yet, but I look foreword to seeing what else the author has in store for his character.

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