My Favorite Books #3: Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Author: Elizabeth Gruen
Published: 2007, Riverhead Books

Brief Summary: When she turns 30 years old, author Elizabeth Gilbert comes to the realization that her idealized life isn’t the one she finds worth living. Divorcing her husband and quitting her job, Gilbert divides one year of her life in three different places: Italy, India, and Indonesia. At each country, she learns about love and passion, religion and faith, and how to successfully balance the two without disregarding the other.

  • It provokes my sense of adventure. Who wouldn’t want to take a year off and travel the world to find herself?
  • Gilbert’s writing style is conversational. I feel like I’m sitting down with her in a cafe discussing the world.
  • Did I mention the way she writes if comforting?
  • I feel pulled in and immersed.
  • It’s so warm and inviting.
  • I want to discover myself in just the same way.
  • Did I mention Italy sounds so wonderful?
  • All the pasta.
  • All the ice cream.
  • All the passion.
  • I would like to spend some time in a monetary and focus on my faith.
  • I wonder if that truly helps your faith grow?
  • This is the first travel memoir book that got me interested in reading more travel memoirs.
  • I wish she wrote more books similar to this.
  • Glamorous lifestyle made simple. That is all.
  • Can only the rich and advantaged do such things?
  • I need to write more, just so I can be like her.

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