Reflections at the End of 2019

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2019 has been an interesting and wonderful year for me.

I started dating a man I met at back in college. 9 months later, we got engaged.

During that space of time, we went ice skating, snowboarding, wrote letters to each other, vacationed to North Carolina a couple of times, visited the Air Force museum, and rode on roller coasters.

I’m so glad to have him back in my life, as I don’t think I would have done so much in one year. My life has expanded in a good way.

Now, more than ever, I look foreword to 2020. It will be a good year for us and for many more travels and adventures. Who knows what else we’ll be doing, but I know it’ll be good.

I hope to read more in 2020. Surprisingly (or maybe not), I haven’t read as much as I hoped I would. That and write more. When I was in college, I’d read a book a week (or more) plus my own books that I wanted to read. It was fun.

Some people have had a rough year this year, but that didn’t touch me really.

All that matters is that I’m happy and that I have many more things to look foreword to in the next year.

2 thoughts on “Reflections at the End of 2019

  1. Congrats on getting engaged. It sounded like he has been a great addition to your life. Sometimes it’s amazing how people enter your life and change it like that for the better. Being happy is so important and I hope you have more of that next year. 2019 has been a year of learning for me and I’m happy to see it go. Very excited for 2020 🙂

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