A New Year’s Ramble.

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I decided to set my Goodreads reading list at 30 this year. I was going to start at 50 but that seemed a little overreaching considering my reading pace last year and in previous years. So considered putting it at 20, as some of my friends put their reading goals at 20, but that seemed a little lazy and underachieving. So I compromised at 30.

I probably could read as many as 50 if I wanted to, but as I’ve got new responsibilities and things to take care of (sort of), reading takes a backseat in the scheme of all things.

It’s not a big deal, to be honest, it’s not like there’s a race or anything, but sometimes I feel like I’m not reading as much as I should be doing or even used to. I used to read all the time. That and play The Sims (which I probably would still be doing if my computer and laptop hadn’t died years ago–maybe I’ll get a computer for Christmas next year if we have any money left to do such a thing.) When you compare yourself to past or potentially future selves, it all seems a little daunting. But I’m trying not to let it be such a big deal. New priorities arise and new things take precedent over what you used to do.

So, what other things should I be doing?

Maybe actually start my YouTube channel. I started one a couple years ago under a pseudonym (because that’s a popular thing to do on YouTube) but that didn’t last long. I stuttered and paused a lot. Plus I’m not good at talking to the camera. I’m sure if I did it more often, it’d be better. Maybe I’ll start again under my own name and read my poetry, stories, fan fiction and talk about books. That’s what I’ve wanted to do this whole time. Just to get myself out there. And if I get fairly successful maybe I can get a computer and a microphone. But that’s a little ambitious and far reaching right now.

Soo…this post is a little scattered. That’s what the New Year’s and holidays in general do to you.

On New Year’s, I celebrated one year with my fiancé. We went to the skating rink and roller bladed. We had a Groupon that allowed us to skate as much as we wanted with an arcade card and a whole pizza for lunch. The skating was fun, the pizza was good for what it was and we won 340 tickets. I picked out a heart emoji ball thing and he picked out 4 stickers to put on his water bottle. We are such kids.

On the way home, we went on a short hike for about an hour then walked around Family Video in town. Surprisingly, it’s still open, but it’s closing down soon, and that makes me sad. To think that a rental store would make you feel sad and nostalgic is a little blasé, but it did me. I remember walking up and down those rows, looking for the next movie to watch. The new releases lined along the back walk, the favorites in one corner in the center and movies in the last 5 years in another section. It was always fun. And there was always that thrill of finding that there was actually a DVD behind the case of the movie you wanted to watch; just as there was a big disappointment when there wasn’t.

We even looked at the video games for a little while. We’ve been talking about a PS4 for a while. One, so we can watch Blu Ray movies and two, so we can play some games. We almost got one at Black Friday since they were so cheap (almost 200 dollars off the original price), but we didn’t get it and now they’re back up to their original prices. So now we’re debating on just waiting until the PS5 comes out next year. We might as well.

So anyway. That was our New Year’s/one year anniversary. It was a good day. When we got home we ate pork chops and potatoes and sauerkraut (my mom and A did, I’m not a fan of the sauerkraut.) He never even heard about eating pork and sauerkraut on New Year’s. We told him it’s for good luck and you always eat it on New Year’s for a good year. He likes that tradition so now I’ll probably have to cook it for him for next year. Maybe I’ll do it in the crockpot if I ever get a crockpot. Or an instant pot, those things look amazing.

As for this blog, I want to write more often, at least once week. Have a more professional presence so that I can make my blog gain more followers and readers. And have more of a Twitter presence for my blog so that more people can see it.

Maybe I’ll just be myself. I can’t be anyone else, am I right?

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