A Note on Bullet Journals.

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I never understood the concept or the popularity of bullet journals. They are a big hit from what I understand and I’ve even read blog posts and the original website to try and gauge what the whole thing is all about.

Needless to say, I don’t understand it to this day.

I tried to set up a bullet journal for 2019. It didn’t work out all that well. Probably because I didn’t stick to it and didn’t carry it around with me. What a loser, eh?

This year, I made a sort of bullet journal, but this time I made a book journal. I wrote down some books I want to read as well as the challenge prompts for PopSugar. I hope I’m a success at it. Maybe. Maybe not.

I used to write down the books I read throughout the year. But it’s hard to remember to write it all down, especially when I just finished a book. My first thought isn’t, “Oh, hey, let me go run and write this down really fast.” It’s just not a habit I’m into, even when I kept it up for a few years. It’s just easy to let Goodreads keep track of it for you. If you care to remember to go on the website.

But there is a first time for everything, and I hope this year will be different. Especially since it’s a book bullet journal. Or whatever it is we call those things these days.

On a side note, I’ve changed my blog theme to Nucleare. I’ve had this theme in previous years but I’ve come back to. I like the simplistic, professional look of it and the clean lines and everything. The only thing that I don’t like about it is that you don’t have an option to change the blog posts on the main page to “excerpt” or “full page” which is what I liked about Sapor among other things. I like some of the newer themes but I don’t like having my widgets in the footer and that’s what all the newer themes are doing these days. Blergh.

Anyway. I wish I understood bullet journals. And I wish I could keep up with them more even if I did understand them more. I’m one of those journal(ists) that like to write in her journal whenever the mood fancies. Maybe that’s why I need a bullet journal; to keep me on track.

3 thoughts on “A Note on Bullet Journals.

  1. I actually just bought my first bullet journal yesterday. I’ve never understood them, either. But I thought I’d give it a shot this year. Someone I follow on Instagram was sharing how he organizes his monthly goals using a bullet journal, so I’m hoping to try something similar.

    1. That makes sense. At least you don’t have to sit and physically create it which is why I don’t want to take the time to do before I make it.

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