A Date Night in Christmas Lights (Again.)

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This past Thursday, my fiancé and I went out to dinner to Roosters. It’s a place that we like to frequent but haven’t quite made it to be a place that we like to frequent on a week (or even a monthly) basis. His brother and his family go to the same pizza pub about once a week or so to the point where the waiters and waitresses all know who they are and what their favorites on the menu are.

The two of us want to have a little place like that but don’t know where yet. Eating out is expensive and probably not something we should do frequently.

Anyway…I had my usual, a chicken Parmesan sandwich with fries. He had a grilled chicken sandwich with curly fries. It was delicious but it was late and we were both tired so we couldn’t exactly enjoy it to the full extent.

Afterwards, we stopped by the park in town to listen to Christmas light show. Surprisingly, it was still up and it was really entertaining. With this particular light show, all we had to do was park in front of the pavilion and change our radio station to a certain number and then we could hear the music as the lights flashed in tune to the music. They had a USA song with all the military branches’ songs playing and several different Christmas songs. They even had a Greatest Showman one. I didn’t think that my small town could put on a light show to that extent. It was nothing less than spectacular. We watched it for a good 30-40 minutes before we decided to head on home. But the show was still going on as we left. I wish I’d discovered it earlier (and even to years previously.)

I like all these new Christmas things, but have you stopped to think how commercialized it’s all gotten? It’s more about the flash and the dash and how many lights and presents you can get someone and whether it’s better than the last. What happened to simplifying it?

I say this and then I continue to buy into all the pretty lights and shows and Christmas feel every year. Sometimes you just can’t help yourself; some places just do that great of a job.

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