Should you schedule blog posts?

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This past Friday, I wrote three blog posts and scheduled one a day from Saturday to Monday. I did this because I knew I was going to be away for the weekend and wanted to have something written and posted for the weekend. I’ve been doing so well in writing daily that I didn’t want to break my new habit. I scheduled an extra post for Monday just in case I didn’t feel inspired to write anything.

And I’m glad I did.

I woke up not feeling well enough to do anything and didn’t feel like myself until early evening. I haven’t felt like that in years and I kept praying that it would go away. I couldn’t do much else.

When I finally felt well enough, I got up and took a shower and then crawled into bed. My fiancé, upon hearing of my illness, sent DoorDash to deliver noodle soup from Bob Evans to me as I couldn’t find any at the house to heat up. I felt very loved and taken care of by my darling.

So…what are my thoughts on scheduling posts? I think if you can sit down and write a few posts that you have ideas about, then it’s a good idea, especially if you want to take a break from sitting down every day and actually posting new, daily content on the spot. And if you know you’ve got plans over a period of few days, then scheduling a few posts ahead of time can help you stay active on your blog while you go do your thing. You don’t have to lose engagement or interest. Not to mention the fact that if you fall ill and miss a day, having one already scheduled can be a life saver.

But there is also that thrill of sitting down at the desk, writing down something, and publishing it immediately. It just has a sense of accomplishment.

2 thoughts on “Should you schedule blog posts?”

  1. If I didn’t schedule my posts, I would probably just quit blogging! I also tend to delete my old posts, which motivates me to keep on writing and (hopefully) distract visitors from wondering why my blog always looks like it’s only two weeks old.

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