Some Thoughts on the Movie “Glass”

Glass is the third movie in M. Night Shyamalan’s trilogy, the first two being Unbreakable and Split. I saw the first two before and in spite of only liking the first movie the best, I wanted to finish up the trilogy just to say I saw it. My fiancé came over for the day on Sunday, so we decided to watch it, as he wanted to watch it as well.

I’m not sure if I liked this one. If you’ve seen the first two movies, then you should know about the three main characters already: Elijah, Kevin (one with the split personality), and David Dunn. The three of them have become locked up in a mental institution where Sarah Paulson’s character tries to convince them that they are not superheroes.

The beginning of the movie was interesting, with David (now the Overseer) trying to stop mysterious murders from happening (caused by the Beast/Horde.) He is then caught and put into the mental asylum with the other two characters. From there the movie becomes a little slow as we are talked through the counseling sessions with the therapist. It picks up about halfway when we realize that Elijah hasn’t become as dumb as he’d been in the first hour of the movie.

It climaxes when the three of them realize their full potential as “superheroes/villains” only to have an underwhelming and anti-climatic ending.

I’m generally a fan of Shyamalan’s films even as others have criticized his style, but this one I found to be a little odd. There were a couple scenes that I found to be strange and even down right creepy and scary–and when the ending came, depressing. I wanted the good guy to win at least, but that doesn’t come to pass. And the people you think are bad guys aren’t the real bad guys throughout the whole movie.

Even my fiancé was disappointed, wondering why one of the characters was placed there to begin with.

There was potential with this one but the action scenes were few and far between, making me lose interest in parts where you were supposed to care about the characters. I’d say Glass would be average: a B/C rating.

If you want to see other Shyamalan movies, go with Unbreakable, The Village, and The Sixth Sense.

3 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on the Movie “Glass”

  1. I rather enjoyed the first two movies but everyone who has seen the Glass said they were disappointed in the movie which has kept me from watching but I may just watch anyways.

    1. The beginning started off great and there’s some great moments but the end was just sad. I wish Bruce Willis had a bigger role.

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