My Favorite Books #5: If I Stay


Title: If I Stay
Author: Gayle Foreman
Published: Speak (2010, reprint edition)

Brief Summary:

Mia wakes up on the side of the road, only to watch as the medics take her body to the emergency room. She observes her struggle from a distance while taking us back through her memories of her family, her prodigious journey as a cellist, and her relationship with her rock and roll boyfriend and weighs her options on what she’s gained and lost and whether or not she should stay.

Why I like it:

  • There’s no love triangle
  • Because love stories are overplayed
  • The tensions are on real life decisions
  • It deals with trauma and loss, like a lot of teens and adults face
  • Mia plays cello which is cool
  • Her family seems like a realistic, loving family
  • Her relationship with her boyfriend is serious, yet represents any high school romance
  • I like how they portray her as a normal, yet mature teen
  • Car accidents are (unfortunately) common, so why not write a book about it so teens can read about loss in a safe space?
  • Everyone loves music and Mia and her boyfriend show the differences in musical tastes and how they can come together
  • Music, in fact brings her family together and gives them something to talk about
  • And did I mention how close the family is?
  • This is a book I read more than once, obviously
  • She aspires to go to Juilliard, which is interesting
  • The book’s writing is (easy) to read, as far as vocabulary and flow

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