Latest Books, or Backlist?

Do you feel pressured to read the latest books or are you more of a backlist kind of person? Why?

I don’t feel like I’m the kind of reader who is exclusively in one camp or another. Because I work in a library, I tend to see a lot of newer books come through, especially since I make the new book display every month. If I don’t read them, then at least I know about them and can sort of talk about it with the people who are checking it out?

I wish I read a lot more of the latest books, but I don’t. I don’t want to go out and buy them right when they get published because that can get expensive, especially now that I’m looking for homes with my fiancé and I might not have a lot of room (or money) to do so. And if I request them at the library then there’s a high chance that other people want to read it as well; therefore, I’ll have to wait a while until I get it and by then most everybody has already read and talked about it and I’m out of the loop. Bummer! I did however buy Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens because it was half off at Barnes and Noble a few months ago and I felt so mainstream and popular, even if nobody else cared, hah!

So, if I really think about it, I’m more of a backlist kind of person. There’s all these kinds of books that I’ve been meaning to read but haven’t gotten to. Or there’s books I never even heard of before until I discover them years later and then I must put them on my to read list. That’s the beauty of books, there’s so many of them published every year and with such a diverse list of topics, it’s hard to find them all. You could get lost in the backlist of them!

I would like to read more recent books, however. Most book bloggers and YouTubers read the latest books and talk about them so people know what to read and buy next, so in a way I’m pressured to do that in order to make a success out of my own blog (if indeed I make my blog exclusively book related.)

I don’t think my true followers would care one way or another as long as I’m writing well and am passionate about what I’m talking about.

Today’s prompt was taken from Book Riot.

13 thoughts on “Latest Books, or Backlist?

  1. Hi Ashley, I must say I’m in both camps, I have lots of books on my TBR list and often try to read them first. I get what you say about costs of new books but how lucky are you to work in a library!! I also enjoy being in a book club to read books I would never normally have chosen. Visiting from Bella’s blog party.

  2. I tend to read the same way. I often keep a list of new books by my favourite authors and then wait to read them once they’ve been out for awhile. There are so many good books and authors out there. Though having a kindle now means I have access to a whole world of books, which I love. Happy reading.

    1. I used to have a Nook but it kept breaking so I never did enjoy the experience of e-readers, maybe a Kindle has better software and build? I need to read but I get distracted.

      1. I love my kindle. I always preferred a “real” far dinkum book but with a kindle I can even read two at the same time! I know it sounds weird but I sometimes alternate between a fiction book and a book on, for eg, self development. I’m rarely bored! 😊

  3. Your last sentence says it all … but then I’ve never been a follower of fashion or trends!

    I don’t have your wealth to even buy books half price so mine come from second hand shops or libraries and there is more than enough there to fill the rest of my life 🙂

    Nice to meet you and welcome to WP 🙂

  4. Hi Ashley, I agree with you about wanting to read the latest books. I have too many things I love to do. I read, write, take photos, gardening, singing, travel, visit my granddaughter. Everything is precious to me, so I don’t feel bad if I can’t keep up with the reading. I love poetry and have published my first poetry book!
    Great to have met you through Bella’s party.

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