It is…or it is not.

Google Images.

Sometimes I sit in front of my iPad for various moments, wondering what I should write about next. I want my words to be careful and considerate. Something worth writing about. Something that others would read on their devices of choice and then stop and ponder how the world in a new way in which my words have caused.

Sometimes, I stop and read another’s post and wonder at their perfected words, their pictures of a thousand words in one still and I think my words will never measure.

But still, I sit and I write my words because I need to write my own. Regardless of how others appear, mine are just as worthy. Even if it takes me a moment to stop and think about them. Even if I don’t think it matters, other people do.

Maybe I’m in an existential crisis. Maybe my words are just running dry. Here I am.

Showing up to the page.

Because sometimes, all you’ve got to do is keep on writing, even if other people don’t think it.

I have been busy with a various of things. Work, as usual. Reading (a whole lot.) I actually haven’t been reading a whole lot, so reading a couple books in the last few days is quite amazing to be honest. I’m working on getting a new home (well, actually, my fiancé is doing most of the work, but I like to pretend I’m helping.) I’ve got wedding plans to think of. But that’s almost done. I think. Perhaps.

Life just keeps on ticking.

Oh, and is anyone else annoyed by the new post setup when you’re writing a new post? Because I am. I know, I know, one would say that I’m adverse to change, but this new getup doesn’t help the flow of my words.

I am very annoyed by it. Can we please keep some things the same?

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