A cabin in the woods.

Because Valentine’s Day fell on a Friday this year, the weekend was full of plans and getaways. Friday night, Adam came down and we went out to eat at Bravo, an Italian restaurant. We had margarita flatbread as our starter, then a sausage ravioli and spaghetti and meatballs for our main menu. We brought home cheesecake for dessert.

Then on Saturday, we drove up to see the house we’re buying, then continued on to a little cabin in the woods for Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Photo Copyright Ashley Eveland, 2020.

When the guy told us it was off grid, I was expecting a log cabin reminiscent of Laura Ingalls Wilder, but as you can see, it’s a quaint little tiny log home. It just doesn’t have any electricity or running water. He has an outdoor shower and sink for the summertime and of course a grill and a fire pit, but we weren’t able to enjoy it during this trip.

Photo Copyright Ashley Eveland, 2020.

The man who owns the cabin told us that he bought the wood stove on Craigslist for about $200 and it was over a hundred years old. Surprisingly, it still runs like a charm. Plus, it warms the whole cabin up. It feels like a furnace in a regular house, just as long as you keep feeding the fire every hour or so. When we went up to the loft to go to sleep, we woke up twice because the fire went out. The first time, Adam was able to get down and start it up really quick. The second time we woke up cold, but we didn’t want to get up and start it again; thus, in the morning it was hard to get it going again since the coals and the log fires went out completely.

We went for a walk around the property and the woods was so peaceful with the snow covering the ground and no humans in sight. During the night we woke up to coyotes howling and laughing. It about scared the life out of me at first, because I thought someone was outside, but calmed down once I realized that it was coyotes. We got up around 7:30 and saw three or for deer making a trek in the field behind the cabin, looking for food. It was beautiful.

We were both impressed by the cabin, the man who ran it, and the setting that it was in. We want to go back again and stay for a few days just to see what it’s like. It would be nice to see what it’s like during the summer time. I bet it’s beautiful.

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