30 Questions

I found this at Paul’s blog, The Captain’s Speech and thought I’d answer the questions for my own. Plus I’m bored and didn’t want to write a well thought out blog post.

1. What is your favorite childhood book?

The Folk of the Faraway Tree books by Enid Blyton and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. As far as picture books were concerned, I loved Dr. Seuss, Clifford, and a couple Golden Books, one about first day of school and the other about a brother and sister visiting grandma and grandpa. It was fun. Oh, and the American Girl doll books. The originals. Those were awesome.

2. What was your favorite tv show as a child?

I didn’t really watch tv. But I liked Barney a lot. And Kids Say the Darndest Things and Candid Camera. I was a weird child, I liked watching the grown up shows.

3. What book did you read in secret as a child?

I don’t remember any books being a secret. I read just about anything.

4. What album and CD do you own and know by heart?

I know most of Shania Twain’s “Come on Over” CD, mainly because most of her songs on that CD were singles. Those were the memories. I usually just listen to singles, I wouldn’t know a whole CD by heart.

5. What book did you hate as a student?

Mm…probably Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I had to read it over the summer for advanced placement English and I hate to read it and write a journal about it and the due date was the same day that the latest Harry Potter book was coming out. I was annoyed that I had to do class work when I’d rather be reading Harry Potter.

6. What is your all time favorite movie?

Mm…either Titanic or Cold Mountain. Or The Lion King.

7. What song always lifts your mood?

Depends I suppose. Right now I like Nathan Carter’s version of “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” and the “One Day More” from Les Miserables.

8. What is the last book you read?

The Call of the Wild by Jack London.

9. Which tv shows have you binge watched?

I don’t watch a lot of tv, but I used to sit and watch House, M.D. a lot back when we had cable and they did tv marathons. Or some History and Travel Channel series. I guess Game of Thrones too since I had to watch the previous season as it came out on DVD. Didn’t watch the last season though, heard it was underwhelming and I was no longer invested in the characters. I like House’s grumpy old man sarcasm. And I liked Tyrion.

10. If you were an animal, what would you be?

An elephant. They’re smart and loyal. Or a wolf. Because they’re free and live in family packs and do so well together.

11. What was your most embarrassing moment?

I don’t know. My first patron who yelled at me, I suppose. But I don’t remember that anymore since I get subsequently yelled at at least once a month. Lol. Or falling down in my first try on a snowboard.

12. What famous author would you most like to meet?

At the moment, none to be honest. Though I think it’d be cool to meet the actual person behind my favorite books. Stephen King is a funny man in person, so I hear and I’d love to talk to him. I used to want to meet J.K. Rowling.

13. What in your past would you most like to change?

Live in the dorms on campus instead of commuting from home, just to have that experience. Get my driver’s license earlier than I did. Change my college major. Study abroad for a semester. Travel more.

14. Describe your most profound musical experience.

Seeing Les Miserables on stage for the first time. I’d never seen it before, so seeing it in a theater with actual stage actors was amazing. Chill worthy. If you mean actual music…I remember having a hard semester once and Josh Groban’s song “You Are Loved…Don’t Give Up” came on and gave me something to hang on to. I listened to that every day for months just to keep me going.

15. What important classic book have you never read?

A lot of them, to be honest. For having studied English in college and being in honors and advanced English in high school, we read few novels. Mostly poetry and excerpts. I haven’t read a lot of American literature. I’m sure there’s a lot of European classics I haven’t read yet. Just have to be in a mood to read it.

16. What is your least favorite food?

Spinach, Brussel sprouts and shrimp. Lol.

17. What movie, book, or music always makes you cry?

Cold Mountain always makes me profoundly sad. The movie The Fault in Our Stars brought tears in my eyes at the end when she gets the phone call about Augustus. Otherwise, I don’t really cry that much?

18. What actor or actress do you have a crush on?

I like Leonardo DiCaprio. He’s my first celebrity crush and I’ll always have a soft spot for him.

19. Would you rather be a vampire or a zombie? Why?

A vampire because I don’t like zombies. Not that I like vampires, but it’s the lesser of the two evil choices presented.

20. What book at home would you use to squash a bug?

None. I get a tissue and squish it.

21. Which character would you like to be in Harry Potter?

Fred and George Weasley. They always made me laugh.

22. What song would you like to sing on stage?

99 Years by Josh Groban.

23. Do you like your name? What name would you prefer?

I didn’t used to like my name, because so many people have it. I wouldn’t change it because I don’t know what would be better. I like Sophie though.

24. What do most people not know about you?

That I don’t have a dual citizenship.

25. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

Tennessee or North Carolina.

26. If you could go back in time, where would you go?

Maybe college. Or my senior year of high school.

27. What poems have you memorized? Recite them.

I sort of know an Emily Dickinson poem. “This is my letter to the world/who never wrote to me/the simple news that nature holds/with tender majesty./Her message is committed/to hands I cannot see./for love of her, sweet Countrymen/judge tenderly of me.” (I don’t know the line breaks but those are the words. How nice, eh?)

28. Who in your life has made a strong impression on you?

George Frey, my media literature instructor.

29. Do you have a recurring dream? Describe it.

Not anymore. I used to dream that some kind of monster was chasing me growing up until my mid 20’s. Sometimes I would run down the street trying to get away but I never could get away fast enough, or I’d run across the street to the neighbor’s house. Sometimes they’d answer, sometimes not but when they did I’d try to hide under the chest of drawers or run through the house looking for a place to hide. It was weird.

30. What epitaph would you like on your tombstone?

“I told you so.”

Those were some interesting questions. Let me know what you think!

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