Thoughts on The Call of the Wild.

Harrison Ford as John Thornton and Buck, The Call of the Wild. (Google Images, the National)

I finished reading Jack London’s The Call of Wild Wednesday or Thursday. It’s just over 200 pages long, yet still a very good story.

So here’s the premise:

Buck is a large St. Bernard/Newfoundland type of dog. He lives a life of luxury in California with the Judge and his family. He went hunting and relaxed around the property.

Until one day, one of the Judge’s men who works the property steals Buck and sells him to some people taking dogs up to Alaska as sled dogs. We follow Buck through some hard times on the ship, then his time as a sled dog for the U.S. mail, then sold to a harsh owner who doesn’t understand how to run sled dogs. That’s when we meet John Thornton who takes him under his wing and shows him what it means to hear the call of the wild.

The movie did a very good job of capturing the essence of the movie. They portrayed Buck as more of a happy-go-lucky dog who got into mischief at the beginning and that’s how he ended up getting stolen. There were a few changes near the end of the movie, but not enough to deter someone from the enjoyment of just watching it. Harrison Ford did a good job of portraying Thornton. The whole movie was just gorgeous, showing off the best of what Alaska had to offer.

Seeing the movie made me want to see Alaska even more and I can’t wait until I get to go see it myself soon. I hope it’s everything I hope it is and more.

My fiancé told me to say this: That you just need to go see the movie yourself and not listen to anyone’s comments of whether it’s good or bad. (But I, Ashley, say it’s good and you should go see it.)

What movies are you looking foreword to seeing this year in 2020?

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