I recently watched Frozen and Frozen II.

I didn’t think I’d watch either one of them, especially since I tried watching Frozen (I) once before and couldn’t get through the thing.

But I watched Frozen and it was generally okay, except I got the feeling the characters broke out song far more frequently than a typical Disney movie does. As in one song finishes and another characters decides to share his (or her) musical talents. I don’t remember Disney movies of my youth singing quite so much.

Then I watched Frozen II and I have to say that it was a decent movie. It was better than the first one. It actually had a story to it and the characters were more fleshed out and had motivations. There were a lot of songs in it (of course), but at least these songs seemed to be more evenly spaced. Not to mention that it was much more logical.

Anyway. If you have the time (which I assume you do since we’re all being quarantined), then you should watch those movies and compare them.

What have you been doing to keep busy?

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