Faulted Stars.

I somehow got onto re-reading The Fault in Our Stars. I tend to do this, start one book then jump ship to read another. Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon to Narnia, I just wanted to read a sad book about kids with cancer.

This book was really popular when it first came out. I’m not sure if people are still obsessed with it or if John Green is still in so to speak, but Stars is one of the few books I like by him because it feels realistic to me. I’m sure I other books hit those spots with others but this is the one for me.

Cancer is a nasty business. My mom had two different unrelated cancers throughout my 20s. My dad had a tumor removed from his bladder. Since then, you tend to meet people who either had it or know someone who did.

Cancer in kids is especially brutal because they’re supposed to be doing whatever it is kids do these days, not battling illness.

So, Green’s novel seems to connect to me. She’s trying to be normal in a not so normal situation, Fallon in love with a guy who knows her situation all too well.

It’s great and sad and I probably shouldn’t read it whilst stuck inside social distancing or whatever it is. But I’m enjoying the book and that’s all that matters.

Of course I haven’t read all day. I did work on the garden with my man, watched some movies tv and ate. But mainly I read and spent time with my loved one.

How are you all coping staying indoors?

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