Photo Copyright Ashley Eveland

Photography has grown in popularity in the last few years or so; especially so now that we’re in isolation and everyone wants to look at something aesthetically pleasing to distract them from the current horrors of the world. It’s possible that people are being drawn to it now because technology has made it possible to create it easily, instantaneously, and professionally. It’s amazing how easily a smartphone can create something that used to have a longer, difficult process.

I always had an eye for images. When I was a child, I’d see things and think, that would make a good picture. I was first introduced to the process of photography in sixth grade. I was on a class trip to a park and we spent an hour in a dark room processing pictures that we had taken. I was fascinated and drawn to it. How I longed to do more of this.

But I didn’t know how you go about it and years went by where all I did was take pictures on a disposable camera and wait as they came back, wishing I could develop my own pictures, but never knowing quite how to go about doing it.

So, in essences, I think technology has been good to photography: in taking the pictures, in editing it, in sharing with it. But along with technology, it has become popular with the masses. And to partake in something that has become so popular, it makes one wonder if people are participating because it’s so easy now and everyone else is doing so, or because they truly want to become photographers.

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