Movie Night: Dolphin Reef and Onward

Dolphin Reef, Google Images.

Yesterday was deemed a lazy day. But in reality, isn’t everyday a lazy day these days? I mean, you stay at home all day, every day. If you have an office job that deems you have work to do at home on a computer, then you do that. But other than that, you spend time with your family and whoever it is you’re living with, you read books and watch movies. You write. You do basically anything you want to do if you’re were snowed in all day.

We watched two movies on Disney Plus yesterday:

Onward, and
Dolphin Reef.

We’d watched the Elephants show the other night, so we were looking foreword to watching the dolphin show. It was good, but not as good as the one about elephants. It didn’t show the family dynamics as much. Instead, it showed more on one baby dolphin and his mom. Plus a whale and her baby and some kind of reef crab. Some parts were fun, some parts frightening, but overall not as good as elephants. But I’m biased because I think elephants are fascinating, amazing creatures and their family structures are so intricate and reliant on each other. I’m not saying the dolphins weren’t as interesting, it just didn’t level up as much as I expected. I think I was more invested in the Mr. Mantis than I was with the actual dolphins.

Onward, Disney Studios, Google Images

And then there is Onward.

This movie was supposed to be released in theaters this spring. I’m not sure when (April or May), but I knew this was going to be one of the big Disney theater releases. Unfortunately, that was not the case, so it was released onto Disney Plus instead.

The movie centers around two brothers: Barley and Ian, whose father had died before Ian was born. On Ian’s 16th birthday, the boys’ mother reveals that their father had saved a present for the both of them after both of them turned 16. Turns out, it’s a magical wizard stick and it’s supposed to help bring him back for an entire day so they could know their father one last time.

Well, Ian is the one with the magical powers, even though he never believed in it (Barley is the one who was a staunch believer.) Ian was able to bring back half of their father until the magic gem disappears. The brothers then have to go “onward” to a journey to discover a similar magical gem to get the rest of his father’s body before it’s too late. It’s an adventurous story, one that reveals the strong bond between brothers and their lasting relationship with each other.

It reminded me a lot of Frozen to be honest. While fundamentally different, it also told the bond between sisters and how one was a little bit different than the other and yet they were always together and found ways to connect. But, in my opinion, Onward did a better show of it than Frozen did. Ian and Barley were like real boys, with real interests and hobbies, emotions and dreams. They even acted like brothers, how they interacted and got irritated with each other. In Frozen, Ana seemed to wax poetic about her older sister even as Elsa continues to go off on her own, determined to leave Ana alone in her version of being protective. In other words, Elsa seems a bit emo to me.

Anyway. I enjoyed Disney’s Onward. It didn’t really have any music in it, but then again it’s a Pixar movie, not stemming from the main Disney forefront. The characters were beautifully drawn, though some seemed a bit off (like the pixies.) But I laughed and found it to be enjoyable, a movie worth watching. Though I am sad for them that this movie didn’t get to be on the big stream; now, that would have been epic.

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