I try to write…

I started to do the Isolation Journals earlier in this month. An acquaintance of mine had posted about starting it because it’s supposed to inspire creativity in the midst of the pandemic and such thing. I signed up on day 2, but I didn’t get the prompt for the day. Instead, it started me on day 3, which is fine, but there’s something frustrating about not starting from the beginning, and definitely not on the day you sign up for the thing.

It started out okay, the little stories were cool and the famous people were interesting and the prompts were alright…but then…

They started getting boring.

The prompts seemed to get familiar.

Like I’ve seen them before in other prompt places. If that’s such a thing.

Anyway, I’ve kind of weened off of it and now I pick and choose. If I feel like it. I went back and did a prompt or two but not really anything else.

On the bright side, I’ve been writing more. In my journal. Just every day, my thoughts and such. I’ve not done that in over a year. It’s something to do to pass the time. Even if I only write a page or a paragraph or whatever.

But my blog has suffered. I’ve been busy getting stuff together for the house and wedding and I don’t think to write in here.

I hope to get the creative juices flowing. Stay tuned. I’m sure you all understand, right?

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