Flash Fiction Challenge Day 2

Prompt: “Smoke hung so thick in the library’s that she could read words in it.”

At first she thought it was a fire, thick as it was. She turned to shout but stopped when she realized that no one else seemed upset by it all. In fact, no one seemed to be moving at all.

What is going on?!

She put her hand up to clear the air around her. A hand grasped hers; flinching, she tried to push backwards, only to find it holding her tighter.

“I am Oz from your Book of Dreams you’re about to check out,” a voice from the smoke said.

“W-what?” She asked.

“Welcome to your new adventure. Come…let me introduce you to your new friends…”

“I can’t-” she started, only to be pulled deeper into obscurity.

I hope this was a good choice.

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