Flash Fiction Challenge Day 3

Prompt: the language of flowers, pyjamas, a secret passageway

If it was a dream, then it was a very good dream. The flowers were pungent with their perfume, sweet and gentle, almost dreamlike. It had to be a dream because I was still in my fuzzy green pyjamas, my old favorite that I could never bear to get rid of.

A whisper, almost like the wind. When I started to walk, the sound got older.

This way, this way.

A tickle on my ankles, green leaves touching, pushing me along. I keep moving, propelled by a curiosity that consumed me.

I come to a cliff, there was a waterfall there.

She’s here, she’s here.

I turned around…nothing.

Come closer, to the waterfall.

Yes…she’s the one.

The one, the one…

I pressed my hands against the cliff side. I gasped. There was a cave back there.

Come in, come…

Without hesitation, I leaped in and disappeared into the unknown secrets of the flower garden.

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