Pablo, the Husky Shepherd.

With the world in upheaval, it’s comforting to focus on the simple pleasures of life instead of the big picture.

We adopted our dog two and a half weeks ago from the local humane society. His name’s Pablo and he’s a little over two years old. They told us he was a mix between a husky and a German Shepherd. He’s more shepherd than anything else, but you can see the husky in his legs and the coloring on his back and legs.

Regardless of his hereditary background, he is very loving, and fiercely loyal. He quickly attached to us and hasn’t left our sides. He’s definitely my husband’s pal, but he loves on me every other time, so it works out okay. He’s a fast learner and you can see the intelligence in his eyes. I’ve been letting him off the leash whenever we’ve roamed the backyard and he’s stuck close to my side except on an occasional potty run and interesting smell.

Pablo is one who always wants attention. If it’s been a while since someone’s last loved on him, he’ll come on over and nudge you until you pay attention to him.

What else is there to say about him? We took him out on a canoe over the weekend and he was especially good. He’d sit in the middle and just watch the world pass him by. When we stopped along the river bank, he would dip his feet in to cool off and run back and for a little bit, just to feel the spray on his back. There’s nothing he wouldn’t try.

I can’t wait to see what other adventures we will find together. He is so much fun. Maybe the next trip will be a hiking and camping excursion. He seems pretty willing to try just about anything.

We shall see.

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