To Just Live in the World.

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Sometimes I wonder what it means to live fully in the world that I’m in.

Does it mean going out and traveling the world, to see the people and places that have never been discovered?

Does it mean to be politically active in a society with conflicting and polarizing opinions?

Does it mean to be a homebody, living the life of one to continuously clean, rearrange, and organize?

Does it mean to be a part of the community you live in, to eat, watch movies, laugh at comedians? To have a family?

What does it mean to just be?

One of my favorite (recent) movies is Me Before You. One of the last words that Will Traynor tells Louisa is to live boldly, to just live. To not be content with the life you were given and experience the world as only you can. But how does one even do that, you know? How does one just live?

Maybe how we just live is how we make it out to be.

Whatever makes us happy is how we should be living our lives. Experience the world and make it our own. Love everyone and be content, yet live boldly. I don’t think there’s a way to just live, except how we interpret it.

Mine, I hope, will be full of more adventures, that with my husband and my dog. To travel the world, to see nature, to see the historical achievements of the world. That, to me, would be living boldly. And yet, I’m content to be a homebody. So maybe I’m in the middle, one who goes out into the world and then comes back to recharge and love on my family.

What does it mean to you to just live?

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