Daily Gratitude: Thoughts on Home.

opened glass window
Photo by Alessio Cesario on Pexels.com

Today’s daily gratitude prompt is about home. You can read Suzie’s response here.

The question is: What is it about home that you’re grateful for?

Adam and I closed on our first home together a few months ago, before we even got married. At first, it was just an empty shell of a place, no appliances and no furniture. We’ve slowly filled it up and it’s finally beginning to look like home. I love when he comes home and I have supper ready for him. I love our nights when we just snuggle up on the couch or in bed and watch a movie on Disney Plus.

We have a large yard and there’s so many places to sit and relax. Sometimes in the mornings, I’ll take my book and breakfast on the back deck and enjoy the morning vista. Sometimes I’ll even go all the way into the back of the lot by our vegetable garden and look at how everything is growing before I sit down and read.

We have a blue jay that likes to come visit, as well as a blood red cardinal. I’ve never seen one so red before. We live down the road from the bike path and we often take walks down there with the dog. It’s so peaceful, being out here in the country. I think we’re both happy about being here now, even when it didn’t seem like this place would seem like home in the beginning.

But the reason it became home is for the fact that I have my husband and my dog. They’re the reason why it’s a home and not a house. Wherever they are is home to me.

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