My Favorite Books #11: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

faultBrief Summary:

Facing terminal cancer in spite of a miracle drug that helped shrink her tumors, Hazel has accepted her fate in life. But when she meets a handsome guy by the name of Augustus Waters, Hazel begins to see her life make a big change.

What I Think:

I’m not a big fan of John Green. I think he’s a good author, but not as cracked up as others make him to be. I do, however, loved The Fault in Our Stars. To me, this book seemed very down to earth and very real. Unfortunately, there are a lot of teenagers and adults who suffer with various types of cancer (one of my family members included) so this hit home to me.

Hazel and Augustus felt real to me, just as her parents and the various characters. Neither character felt contrived in the typical stereotype “I’m ordinary but look at this hot guy and I have powers I didn’t know I had” type. Plus, there was no love triangle and it was nice reading an actual book about ordinary kids facing real life problems like cancer. It is one of those great books that stays with you for a long time.

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