Doctor Strange

I started watching Doctor Strange last night with Adam. I got through most of it before falling asleep near the end. I got through a good amount of it though, to get the gist of it.

It reminded me a lot of The Matrix, for some reason. Maybe it’s because of the out of body experiences and time/space thing. It was kind of cool. But like The Matrix, I didn’t get it. Trying to wrap my head around the idea that you’re in this world while in reality you’re on earth at the same time always blows my mind.

I enjoyed it for what it was, though. It’s one of the better Marvel movies. Plus it has Benedict Cumberbatch and Mads Mikkelsen in it. I enjoy both actors’ abilities. Mads always plays an amazing villain no matter what movie he’s in and Benedict can play in just about any role somebody puts him in (Sherlock, for example.)

I wish I could say more about the movie, but I don’t watch a lot of superheroes to begin with and definitely didn’t know who Doctor Strange was before they made a movie out of it. Maybe one day I’ll become more familiar with all the different superheroes and their backstories. Heck, maybe I’ll even read a comic or two. But that’s definitely on the bottom of my priority list. Too many other books, too little time, as they say.

What movies have you been watching lately?

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