Favorite Animals: Elephants

view of elephant in water
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

So, what is your favorite animal?

Is it a dog, a cat, a penguin?

When I was growing up, my favorite animal was an elephant.

Elephants still are my favorite animal.

I’m not quite sure why, to be honest. Other people love tigers or dolphins or wolves.

I love elephants.

They just seem so majestic. And beautiful. Plus, they are very smart beings. They’re as smart as humans, if not smarter. And they’re very family oriented and loyal. They’re beautiful things to watch.

When the new Disney Plus movie on elephants came out, I about lost my mind. I made Adam watch it with me. We watched it even before the Dolphin Reef one (and much better made, to be honest.) I was just in awe of how the matriarch of the elephant family (herd?) was able to lead her family across a desert in order to reach their sanctuary for the season.

I held my breath when the baby elephant got stuck in the mud and the elephants had to go out and save him. I cried when one of the elephants died. It was just amazing.

I won’t have any justification for loving them. I just do.

Favorite animals runners up:

  • Wolves
  • Sharks
  • Orcas

What is your all time favorite animal and why?

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