The Weekend.

The weekend has been a busy one.

We had visitors on Saturday.

That night we watched 1917.

On Sunday, we went rock climbing for a little bit. That night we watched the Harrison Ford The Call of the Wild.

Overall, we had a good weekend.

Let me start with 1917. It tells the story of two soldiers who are given nearly impossible orders to trek into enemy territory in order to reach a company of soldiers and deliver a message in order to save them from certain doom, including one of the messenger’s brothers. Of course, it’s a war movie, so you’re seeing decaying bodies and big craters in the earth, but it wasn’t nearly as violent as I was expecting it to be. I was bracing myself for the level of violence that was shown in Saving Private Ryan but it wasn’t quite there. You see someone get shot and another guy gets stabbed, but you don’t see him getting stabbed or the blood going everywhere. It was just the visual wasteland that was disturbing, as well as the intensity of whether or not the messengers were going to get there alive and on time. It’s one that I’m still thinking about and trying to wrap my head around.

Rock climbing was fun. Adam and I were looking for a new place to go rock climbing as the places we visited are now far away. This new place is sort of far away from us, but close enough to spend a few hours there and get home in the same day. The rock face had different routes and different features that made it look interesting. I didn’t climb as the easy routes were being used, but I helped belay for my man while he navigated a fairly difficult route. We brought the dog with us and he had a good time, exploring and sunning himself.

When we got home, we just spent some time enjoying each other’s company and that night watched The Call of the Wild. We watched it in theaters back in January (this is before the pandemic turned everything upside down), but we enjoyed it so much that we bought a copy and brought it home to watch. It was fun to watch it, plus we had our dog sitting there watching it with us. He enjoyed the show as well.

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