Classic Remarks: My Favorite Character in Lord of the Rings.

lord of the ringsWhat is Classic Remarks?

Classic Remarks is a meme hosted over at Pages Unbound where she poses a literary question every Friday on classic literature for people to answer. If you want to visit her answer to this Friday’s topic, go here.

Friday’s Prompt: What is your favorite character in The Lord of the Rings?

My absolute favorite character in the trilogy has to be Pippin Took. From the first time I watched the movies and throughout the books, he was the one that stuck out to me and kept me fascinated.

Pippin is a fascinating character. He’s one of the more light-hearted characters, always a source of amusement (and frustration) for others.

And yet…he’s one of the characters with the most growth (in my opinion.) He goes from being a young Hobbit, a bit naive, to one who is willing to sacrifice himself for others. And it’s frustrating to see how much he grows in the book and others don’t seem to notice it. And while he grows so much, he still retains his youthful nature, which makes me smile.

If I had a runner up, I’d say Eowyn would be my next favorite. She’s strong and willing to go out and fight with her people. She loves fiercely, fights fiercely, and lives fiercely. Instead of sitting around pining for someone like Arwen does, she goes out and uses her energy for good.

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