Fictional Bucket List

Have you ever read a book and love the location so much you longed to go there and experience yourself? Or are there things you wish you could try that only exist in the the world of a certain book?

Yeah, me too!

So here are some things I wish I could do on my fictional bucket list:

1. Harry Potter // Hogwarts.

In spite of the controversy that J.K. Rowling has presented to the world in recent months, I’m still (dubiously) in love with the Harry Potter series. I’d so love to spend a couple of years at Hogwarts just so I could study all the fascinating subjects that the wizarding world has to offer. I’d even love to go to Diagon Alley and visit all the stores and even visit the Weasleys’ joke shop.

2. Chronicles of Narnia // Have tea with Mr. Tumnus.

I thought fauns were pretty cool in the Narnia books (I need to finish that series, yikes.) I’d love to visit Mr. Tumnus, drink tea and listen to all his stories. I’d even love to traipse about the Narnia countryside and see what there is to see.

3. A Song of Ice and Fire // Winterfell.

The Stark household from A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones for you tv show enthusiasts) was my favorite family. The castle was reminded me of castles in England and I’d totally love to explore it. It seems rather remote and that appeals to me. But I’d definitely want to visit Westeros in times of peace. That war was rather violent.

4. Lord of the Rings // the Shire.

I just love Hobbits. They are just cozy homebodies and I’d love to spend time in one of their little houses. Have some tea with Frodo and Sam, get into mischief with Pippin and Merry. Go up to Hobbiton. Visit the forest outside the Shire. It’s just so appealing to me.

5. Little House on the Prairie // Ride in a covered wagon.

I loved reading these books growing up. In fact I still enjoy reading them from time to time. They’re just wholesome and family oriented. Riding in a covered wagon is fascinating to me and I would love to sit in the wagon with Laura and her family for a couple days, just to say that I experienced the toughness of traveling to a new place the old fashioned way.

What fictional places and things would you love to try?

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