15 Thoughts While Reading Spooky Ohio

From Haunted Ohio Books website

Spooky Ohio was published in 1995. Publisher, Kestrel Publications. Author, Chris Woodyard. 80 pages.

  1. These stories are kind of dark for children.
  2. I mean, hanging bodies and chopped heads?
  3. The writing is simple and easily approachable for young audiences.
  4. Neat that it has a glossary so that kids can learn new, unfamiliar vocabulary.
  5. I like how the cover illustration is a skull in the shape of Ohio.
  6. Some of the pictures are creepier than the stories themselves.
  7. I wonder how the author found these stories?
  8. There’s always a ghost story of a jilted lover in here.
  9. Why are children ghosts so sad?
  10. I like that the stories are short and to the point.
  11. It’s nice to know some urban legends from my home state.
  12. I didn’t find the stories scary, just sad.
  13. I probably wouldn’t have thought so as a child.
  14. There’s different spooks for different interests.
  15. A good book to read on a rainy afternoon.

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