Why You Should Write Consistency.

I’ve been writing more regularly recently. Why am I doing this?

It’s simple, really.

Because if I keep writing, then my momentum picks up and it’s easier to write every day. When I stop writing, it’s harder to write. When I don’t write, it’s easier just to say, “Oh, I don’t/can’t write today, I’ll just do it tomorrow.” Well, the new day comes and I don’t want to write again and it keeps happening till a month or two occurs without writing and then I feel bad. For myself and my readers.

It’s especially important for a blogger to keep writing if they’re wanting to gain/keep a following. If you’re sporadic with your writing, then people are going to forget about you and move onto other blogs and media outlets. Some might even unfollow you. You’re not in the forefront of their mind.

Plus, if you keep writing, then you increase the chance of your posts being viewed, more chance of people wanting to follow you and reading what you say.

The key important word in all of this is “consistency.” No, you don’t have to write every single day, but it’s important to decide how often you should commit to writing on your blog. Once a week, once a month, doesn’t matter as long as your consistent.

I forget which college class I was in way back when, but the key word was “consistency.” You’ve got to be consistent if you want to have results.

Sports players aren’t good because they throw the ball around occasionally. No, they have set practices several times a week and even exercise when they’re not exercising. Musicians don’t just get up and start playing music when it’s time for them to be on stage. No, they practice every day in order to prepare for those concerts. Painters paint every day in order to become good. Why shouldn’t this routine be the same for writers and bloggers?

It’s just a thought.

Of course, I’m not perfect. I avoid writing like the plague. I even avoid reading when I should be reading (after all, I’m trying to break into the book blogging world, including other topics/genres.) But I’m starting to get myself into a regime.

You can’t be something if you don’t put the effort into it, and that’s why I’m writing more.

What is something that you want to get into the habit of doing?

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