All I Know.

I don’t think people actually know
what it is to live in this life.
Some people wander the world,
trying out different places
like a woman who tries on different dresses
and still feels like something isn’t quite right.

Some people read all the books in the world,
on to the next one as soon as one is finished.
There is a specific way they read their books,
while others are looked down with disdain-
The perfect book either elusive or found
with every read
and arguments are found amongst each other
about whether they agree on
the Greatest Book of All Time.

Still others find themselves
amongst the food and wine,
Indulging in the flavors of the world,
A taste of foreign flavors
That send a shiver in their spine.

The arts and songs
Movies and fashion,
We fall in and out
as seamlessly as an
ocean liner through the seas.

Each one finds their fit,
in the best way possible,
even if it doesn’t seem quite right,
or it fits just perfectly.

We do what we can with what we have;
And that’s all I know.

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