On Unsolved Mysteries.

silhouette of person against mystery night sky
Photo by Tomas Anunziata on Pexels.com

Growing up, I watched Unsolved Mysteries a lot. I’m not sure if they were reruns or it was still airing new ones at the time I was watching it, but I always remember stopping the channel on the show and watching it.


we got a free trial of Netflix so I’ve been scrolling through all the movies and watching bits here and there and I noticed they revived the Unsolved Mysteries show. So I sat…and watched all the episodes. It’s interesting, how they’re presenting the cases now. In the original, they had a host talking about the cases with a few interviews with the victim’s families and the investigators. In the revival show, the story is told through the friends and family of the victims.

Which is, I think, can be a good thing. I was thrown off because I was expecting a host to introduce the case, but telling the story through the people who were there is just as valid. As humans, we don’t like change, but most of the time, once we get used to the format, we actually like it.

If you liked the original Unsolved Mysteries, I’m sure you’ll like this new one.

2 thoughts on “On Unsolved Mysteries.”

  1. I loved Unsolved Mysteries growing up. A few years ago, I found the original episodes available on Amazon Prime, and some of those old cases have recent updates, which I thought was really cool. I really liked the new incarnation of the show, too. At first I wasn’t sure what to think of them not having a cool, trenchcoat wearing host to introduce segments. Then when I found out there weren’t going to be multiple segments per episode, I wasn’t sure what to think of that either. Each episode is self contained, which is cool… and they really put it all together like modern documentaries. Once I got used to the new format, I loved it. Can’t wait for more episodes and updates on this season’s cases.

    1. The French family under the house and the mom killing her husband and daughter creeped me out. I guy the ufo one did too. I found the original unsolved on crackle so I’ll have to watch w

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